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Welcome to WESA Savannahs, a small specialized cattery in Pahrump Nevada. We have been breeding Savannahs since 2005.

   Definition of hybrid per the Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition-hybrid (offspring of mixed parentage) 1. The offspring produced by crossing two individuals of unlike genetic constitution;specif., the offspring of two animals or plants of different races, varieties, species, etc. 2. Anything of mixed origin, unlike parts, etc.

For example, when a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle are bred, their offspring of this pairing (Cockapoos) are hybrids. So, for the record, a Savannah to Savannah breeding does not produce hybrids, the offspring is Savannah. 


 The first generation Savannahs (F1s) are hybrids of the African Serval Cat, with exotic spotted coats. Along with this intriguing exotic look, the Savannahs have wonderful temperaments and fantastic personalities. They are high energy, and intelligent cats, and bond with their human.

 All my Savannahs are raised in the home and are socialized. Socialization from birth is the key factor in happy, healthy kittens, with great temperaments, and their intriguing personalities to shine. My goal is to keep improving the Savannah breed by producing beautiful, healthy, exotic looking kittens for you and your families to enjoy.

WESA Savannahs, located in Pahrump, Navada and ships within the United States only.

Please, no sales agents for any company are to contact me through my website...they will be ignored.