Welcome to Wesa Savannahs!  I hope you enjoy your time here looking for the Savannah  kitten of your  dreams and a very special member of  your family. 

The Savannah Cat Breed was created by breeding an African Serval Cat to the common house cat, such as the Main Coon and Egyptian Mau for example. The first generation from the Serval is the F1, the hybrid of a Serval and a domestic cat.  Now that we have the Savannah breed, the Serval is bred to the Savannah by many breeders, including me. 

I got my first Savannah 10 years ago and can't say enough about this wonderful and fascinating exotic looking breed.   The Savannah is highly intelligent, and is not a couch potato.  Your Savannah will love and bond to you.

My goal is to produce healthy, beautiful, loving and socialized kittens.  All my fur babies are born and raised in my home.  From the time they are weaned they have full run of the house, and they all sleep with me.

Thank you for your interest in my kittens.  Please contact me for any questions you may have.  You can go to the contact page or call (775) 764-0371.  My email is katnip12@gmail.com